C Programs

c program for finding even and odd number

c program to find greatest number between 2

c program for finding small number

c program for simple calculator

Simple example for multiple case in switch in c

simple structure program in C

c program for finding sum of even number

c program to find some of N odd number

C program for displaying numbers in descending order

C program for displaying numbers in ascending order

c program to display grade of the students

C program for sin cos and tan function

c program for swapping of 2 numbers using temp

c program for swapping of 2 numbers without temp

c program for swapping of 2 number using call by value

c program for swapping of 2 numbers using call by reference

C program to count  vowel in a sentence

C program for converting decimal number to binary

C program for convert binary numbers to decimal numbers

C program for converting integer number to hex number

C program for converting hex number to decimal and character 

c program to convert string into integer

c program to convert Fahrenheit  into Celsius 

C program to convert degree to radian

C program to converting radian to degree

C Program to check the type of triangle

C program to display palindrome number in given range

c program for reading comma separated string

c program for separate $ and # string

c program for separate semi colon using sscanf 

C program to separate comma and semi comma using sscanf

c program to separate semi colon and comma

c program to display double quotation mark in printf

C program to generate electric bill

C Program to calculate the net salary of an employee

c program to create notepad 

c program for reading notepad

c program to write data into notepad

c program for writing notepad at end of file

c program for copy string from one notepad to another notepad

simple structure program in c

simple enum program in c

Socket programming in c

Simple Timer program in C

simple c pointer program

c program for displaying address of variable

C program for serial communication program using Polling

c program for serial communication using Interrupt Driven

C program for finding square of a number using macros


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