Arithmetic operators in c++ with example

Different Arithmetic operators used c are shown in table.

Operator function
* Multiplication
/ Division
% Remainder
+ Addition
- Subtraction

* operator is used give product of 2 numbers.

/ Operator gives Quotient after dividing Divisor and Dividend. Divisor should be nonzero number.

% operator gives remainder after division of 2 numbers. % operator can be used only for integer data type.

+ operator gives sum of 2 numbers.

- operator used to subtract one number from another number.


# If both number are positive than answer will be in positive number.
# If either or both number are negative than answer will be either in positive or in negative, it is machine dependent.


Program to find sum of 2 number.

Program to find product of 2 number.

Program to find subtract 2 number.

Program to find division 2 number.

Program to find remainder.

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