Bitwise operators in c with example

Bitwise used for manipulation of data in bit level.

Operator Function
` bitwise NOT
<< left shift
>> right shift
& bitwise AND
^ bitwise XOR
| bitwise OR
&= bitwise AND assign
^= bitwise XOR assign
|= bitwise OR assign

Bitwise not applicable for float, double and char.


syntax for & | and ^

value1 bitwise value2

2 & 3
num1 & num2

Here value1 and value2 must be integer data type

syntax for >> and <<

value bitwise number_of_shift

6 >> 2
num >> 3

Here value and number_of_shift  must be integer data type

# Left shift by 2 is equal to multiply by 2
# Right shift by 2 is equal to division by 2


Program for shift left

Enter a number
answer: 20

5 is in binary 101 when we shift left we put zero at right side. Here we shifting by 2 so we put 2 zero at right side 10100 ie 20

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