Java program to find average of N number

Java program to find average

Java program to find average of 5 number

Java program to find average of 10 number

Java program to find average without using array


import java.util.Scanner;
class group{
public static void main(String arng[]){
Scanner data = new Scanner(;
int i, num, temp = 0;
float sum = 0;
System.out.print("How may numbers you want take average: ");
System.out.println("Enter " +num+ " for average");
for(i=0; i < num; i++)
temp = data.nextInt();
sum = sum + temp;
sum = sum/num;
System.out.println("Average of " +num+ " is "+sum);


How may numbers you want take average: 4
Enter 4 for average
Average of 4 is 6.5

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  1. could you show how to find average of n numbers and then find the numbers above the average?


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