C program for converting hex number to decimal and character

converting hex number to binary in c
c program for hex to char
c program for converting hex to decimal

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Logic :-

Step 1
Hex number is 21
separate high bit 2 and low bit 1

Step 2
convert 2 into binary 0010 and 1 into binary 0001
now 21 in binary is 00100001

Step 3
convert 00100001 to decimal by multiplying by power of 2
0+0+ 32+0+0+0+0+1


Main function

binarylow function

binaryhigh function


Enter Hex Number
hex 21 is in decimal is 33
hex 21 is in char is !

Enter Hex Number
hex 21 is in decimal is 76
hex 4c is in char is L

Enter Hex Number
hex 21 is in decimal is 43
hex 2b is in char is +

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